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Feel Dried Out? Get a Whole House Humidifier

Written by Hanna Plumbing & Heating / November 29, 2021

dried out? Get a whole house humidifier.

Iowa often gets an early dose of winter, forcing most of us to crank up our furnaces early. And while we’re all glad to be in a warm house with a working furnace, we often forget that heat isn’t the only factor that matters when it comes to keeping your house comfortable this winter—humidity also plays a big role.

The process of heating your home ends up removing moisture from the air. This is one reason why home humidifier systems are becoming more popular in cold climates. You might be surprised how much a little extra moisture can benefit your home—and your health.

Humidity & Your Health

Many of the symptoms people experience in the winter (colds, coughs, sore throats, itchy eyes and the flu) can be caused or made worse when the air is too dry. Your respiratory system has a mucous membrane that works to trap viruses or other unhealthy things you might breathe in. But when your body is dried out, this protective mucous membrane also dries out and can’t do its job as well.

If you do catch a cold this winter, having the right amount of humidity in your home can ease coughs and help you sleep better, both of which can help you recover faster. (As a bonus, the right amount of humidity can also reduce snoring!)

Almost everyone knows what it’s like to have dry, itchy or cracked skin in the winter. Thankfully a home humidifier system can offer a fix for this winter problem.

Humidity & Your Home

Just like your body, winter can also dry out other things in your home. Wood furniture, floors, cabinets and doors also feel the effects of dry winter air. Wood, even when finished, can expand and contract based on changing humidity levels, which takes a toll over time and leads to cracking (or worse).

You’ve probably noticed that in the summer, the more humid it is, the hotter it feels. This is because humidity helps air hold its temperature. That means having the right amount of humidity in the air can help your home feel warmer and save you money on heating costs.

Don’t Suffer Through Another Winter

Most people assume that dealing with the coughs and sore throats of winter is inevitable, but you don’t have to suffer. A home humidifier from Hanna can help you and your family feel better, avoid illness and make your home feel more comfortable. Call us at (319) 377-2809 or contact us online and we can explain the process and help find the right humidifier for your home.


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