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Get Your Furnace Inspection from Hanna Plumbing & Heating

Warmth That Lasts All Winter

Prepare your furnace for the cold winter that lies ahead with a furnace inspection by one of Hanna’s trained service technicians.  An annual furnace inspection is the most important step in getting the most from your HVAC system every winter.


Hanna Plumbing & Heating furnace inspections include:



  • Remove burners.
  • Vacuum heat exchanger.
  • Check for leaks.


  • Checking safety limits.
  • Testing for CO.
  • Checking for temp rise.
  • Check amp draws on the motor.
  • Gas leaks at the furnace.
  • Proper draft on the water heater.


  • Co readings.
  • Amp draws on the blower.

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