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Make Your Home More Accessible with a Main Floor Laundry Room

Written by Hanna Plumbing & Heating / September 20, 2022

Make Your Home More Accessible With a Main Floor Laundry Room featuring two washers

Many homes have traditional basement laundry rooms, designed to keep dirty laundry out of the way and separate from common living spaces. This layout also decreases the number of areas impacted in the event of flooding caused by machine mishaps.

While this is a great setup for some homeowners, it isn’t sustainable for individuals or couples that want to age in place. As our bodies get older, things like stairs can become a challenge—or even a safety risk. The same can be said for those who require a wheelchair or walking aid and wish to remain in their home with minimal assistance.

One solution is to move the laundry room to the main floor.


Laundry is a task that involves continuous attention. Most of us do laundry weekly, and if your laundry room is at the other end of a flight of stairs, it can become difficult to maneuver as you age or adjust to life with physical limitations.

A main floor laundry room removes the obstacle of stairs and allows people to continue living independently in their own homes for longer. A main floor laundry room may also act as a selling point for future owners who also require or appreciate its accessibility.

So, how exactly do you move an entire laundry room?

Don’t DIY It. Consult with Experts.

For starters, this is a home renovation that is better left to professionals. While it may seem like a doable DIY project that saves money, it can be disastrous and more expensive in the long run.

Having a plan in place should be the first step in any major renovation. This includes consulting with plumbers, electricians, and contractors, all of whom may work together in the renovation.

There are a lot of details to consider when building or relocating a laundry room. For example, it requires both water and electricity, which don’t play well together. Experience and skill are required to navigate this combination properly and safely. If you have a gas dryer, this is an added layer to consider. If any adjustments need to be made to floors or walls, a contractor will be able to advise options and complete the project efficiently.

Due to the complexity and risks associated with a project like this, permits are required, which can be confusing for those who aren’t familiar with the process.

The Nitty Gritty

To take it even further, the amount of electricity available to that room needs to be considered, especially if you want it to be well-lit with additional outlets for steamers, irons, and other features.

Another important detail that can be overlooked is proper ventilation. Where there is water, there is moisture. Without ventilation, this moisture buildup can create mold and mildew, causing unpleasant issues down the road. Dryer ventilation is also a crucial detail because lint fires can lead to the destruction of an entire home—or worse.

Other insights from a professional might include pre-planning recommendations or convenience adds, like the addition of a floor drain or strategic flooring choices. When it comes to getting all the details right, hiring professionals is your safest bet.

Repurposing An Old Laundry Room

Once you’ve made the decision to move your laundry room, you might be wondering what to do with the old space.

With convenient water and electricity hookups already in place, you could have them safely capped or shut off and use the room for storage. This allows future homebuyers the flexibility of returning the laundry room to the basement if they wish, and you can store seasonal items that you don’t need to access very often.

Additionally, if you’ve purchased a home where the laundry room was relocated, you could add a variety of unique features to the old space.

If you or someone else in your household enjoys entertaining, you could install a wet bar, mini fridge, or ice maker and have some fun with the décor. (An in-home modern-day speakeasy! Don’t tell the neighbors.)

You could also create an indoor greenhouse and use the water hookup to install a sink or hose used for watering plants, washing hands, or rinsing tools.

And last but not least, create an adorable dog washing room! Nothing is worse than wrestling your four-legged family member as they try to escape the tub and shake off all over your bathroom. Why not designate an area for that chaos?

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