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Our Customer Experience: “knowledgeable, transparent, responsive”

Written by Hanna Plumbing & Heating / February 2, 2022

our customer experinece

Rick first came to us for an in-floor radiant heating project. Throughout the project, he worked with several people on our team from our receptionist, to estimators and installers. Based on his review of the project, we asked some follow-up questions that we hope will give you an insight into our customer experience. 

Rick’s Radiant Flooring Review: Below is a quick Q & A with Rick about working with our team and why he chose us again for his upcoming bathroom remodels.

Q: Why did you decide to install the in-floor radiant heating system? Was this something you’d wanted to do for a while, or you just had the opportunity and went with the in-floor system?

A: I am a woodworker and want to use my new shop for a variety of woodworking projects. Forced air heat kicks up too much dust, so radiant heat was my preference if I could afford it.

Q: When you decided to install the in-floor radiant heating system, what was your research process for finding a product and contractor?

A: There were some contractors I wanted to avoid based on negative past experiences, so that narrowed the field. I searched online for local plumbing and heating contractors and included Hanna in the bid process. When I spoke with Jim (the estimator), it was refreshing to find someone so knowledgeable about radiant heat and transparent about rough order cost sizing. Other contractors were more elusive about costs which was aggravating as I was trying to decide if I could include radiant heating in my overall project budget.

Q: How do you like the in-floor system so far? Any benefits that you didn’t think about until you got it and used it?

A: The system works perfectly. I will be anxious to see my propane consumption for the winter season to get a sense of overall efficiency in a very well insulated building. When I open the overhead doors, the heat recovery is more immediate with the radiant system than the garage with a forced-air heating system.

Q: How and when did you first hear of Hanna Plumbing and Heating? Did you know of Hanna before you started looking at contractors for this project?

A: I did not know of Hanna. Amy (who answered the phone) stood out from the very first call, and Jim sealed the deal by being helpful and open about what to expect in terms of installation and rough order cost. Other contractors did not return calls and failed to submit bids after repeated requests.

Q: We are glad we earned your trust. Have you had other experiences in the past with plumbing/HVAC (or any other) contractors that made it hard to trust them?

A: I could have you in tears describing past contractors I have dealt with, from major bath remodels to geothermal installation to water heaters and simple garbage disposals. I have learned that if a company’s receptionist has no customer interfacing skills, it is often a reflection of the work that the contractor will perform. The person answering phones is essentially a barometer that reflects the type of leadership and culture at a given company which often correlates to a positive or negative customer experience.

I had a basement bath remodel completed, and after finishing the remodel, they set the fixtures and found they had left the main drain plugged.

I had a water heater installed, and the LP gas connections were ill-fitted, bowed, and dangerous.

I had a geothermal system installed, and the loop field team insisted the 200 foot supply/return lines between the house and the vertical loop field could be buried just 18 inches deep with no loss of efficiency.

I had a garbage disposal installed, and they forgot to remove the plug from the dishwasher port.

I had a bathtub/shower insert installed at my house and my father-in-law’s house. My father-in-law’s insert was so ill-fitted it had to be stripped out and redone. After three missed start dates, mine took weeks to complete, not the “single day” as advertised, and was twice what it should have cost.

I estimate 80% of contractors I have hired send inexperienced teams with little or no training and terrible customer interfacing skills.

Q: Tell us about your future bathroom remodel. Any specific reason for the remodel? What parts are you hoping to get remodeled?

A: Your team is currently working on my second major project; two bathrooms are being updated because the house is old, and the remodel is overdue. I had such a great experience with Hanna on my shop’s radiant heat system that I did not solicit a competing bid. I trusted the pricing would be fair, and I requested Dustin be part of the effort as he was a real standout on my boiler install. Bill has been accommodating by talking me through options and ideas to consider. His follow-up with the installers, as well as his expertise, is refreshing. All of your team members I have met exhibit pride in their work and exceptional professionalism. Matt and Dustin make a great team. I have a third project in the mix for Hanna to perform, assuming my current project goes as well as the first.

In summary, I never have to worry about callbacks. If Amy says she will get back to me, it always happens. With most other contractors, it never happens. The sales team has been comfortable to work with—they are knowledgeable, transparent, and responsive. Most other contractors I reached out to do not return calls or submit timely bids, but Hanna’s installation team comes to work happy. They have excellent customer interfacing skills and perform quality work. Vicki (co-owner) was very pleasant to talk with, and she is very proud of her team. Great experience; you have restored my faith that some A-team contractors still exist. You should thrive compared to your competition.


We understand that as a homeowner, it can be challenging to know where to start when selecting a plumbing or HVAC contractor. We were proud to earn Rick’s trust with quality service at a fair price. When you need plumbing or HVAC assistance next, we hope we have the opportunity to earn your trust as well. When that opportunity comes, you can contact us online or give us a call at (319) 377-2809.

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