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The Benefits of Installing a Second Water Meter

Written by Hanna Plumbing & Heating / July 25, 2022


If you are a turf guru or gardening enthusiast—or maintain either on your property —then you know the commitment required to sustain the perfect lawn or crop. This commitment often includes a consistent watering schedule, especially in the driest, hottest months of summer.

Are You Losing Money?

We applaud your dedication, and your landscaping might even be the envy of the neighborhood. But we want to make sure you aren’t throwing unnecessary money away. When your water meter is read, the usage contributes to the various fees you see on your water bill. Some people don’t realize they are losing money because outdoor water usage doesn’t have to be included in sewer fees. It doesn’t drain the same way that your indoor plumbing does, but if you only have one water meter, then it is counted by default.

Instead, consider installing a second water meter for outside faucets and irrigation. Our team of experienced plumbers can help!

Benefits of Dual Water Metering

Otherwise known as dual metering, a second meter keeps your indoor and outdoor usage separate, saving you money over time by avoiding unnecessary sewer charges. Other reasons you could benefit from a dual meter are if you have a pool, an irrigation system, or use a lot of water for general outdoor or vehicle maintenance.

Another benefit of separate meters is the ability to shut off the indoor and outdoor water supply separately. This is great for colder climates, where frozen pipes can burst resulting in damage. Homeowners would have the option to completely shut off outdoor faucets during these months because they aren’t using them. During warmer months, people with automatic sprinkler systems may want to shut their indoor water off to avoid potential water damage while they are gone or doing home renovations. With dual meters, this can be done without disturbing the sprinkler system outside.

The initial process of dual metering installation can be tedious if your home doesn’t have the proper piping system in place. However, once it is set up, homeowners or future buyers can switch back to one meter pretty easily, if desired.

Installation Done Right

The most important part of a dual water meter installation is to do the job right. This means hiring a professional plumbing contractor, ensuring you have all required permits, and checking in with your municipality on any other regulations. An experienced contractor will know the proper process in your area.

Your contractor will work with you to install your private system and the required backflow protection, which protects the city’s water supply. Once that is complete, you will set up an appointment with your city water department. The city is responsible for installing the dual meter and any reading equipment. Be sure to contact your city right away, and don’t be afraid to check with them regarding liability or proper practices.

Things to Consider

Dual water metering is typically only available to residential homes that don’t use septic systems. Commercial or multi-family buildings are required to use a specific irrigation meter. Check with your municipality if you aren’t sure or give us a call.

While the installation of dual water metering will save you money in the long run, there are some initial costs upfront. This includes purchasing an additional meter, installation costs, backflow prevention certification testing, and any permits that need to be purchased.

Are you ready to add a second outdoor water meter to your home? Give Hanna a call at 319-377-2809 to learn more and get started!

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