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Top 4 Reasons To Get a Fall Furnace Tune-Up

Written by Hanna Plumbing & Heating / September 30, 2021

Furnaces are notorious for being energy hogs—but they don’t have to be. Think about how often your furnace runs during the Iowa winters. It’s heating and circulating a lot of air every year. If you’ve ever changed your furnace filter, you know how quickly dirt and dust can accumulate when your furnace is running. A regular furnace tune-up (we recommend scheduling one every fall before the cold weather hits) can help save you money and prevent bigger problems later on.

1. Reduce the Chance of an Emergency.

Nothing mechanical can run forever—unfortunately this includes your furnace. BUT you can reduce the chances of your furnace going out when you really need it with a Fall tune-up. When you schedule a Fall furnace tune-up, one of our trained HVAC techs will clean and inspect your unit, making sure it’s in good working order for the winter. Scheduling preventative maintenance is much easier than having to call for emergency service at 9pm on a Friday in the middle of February.

2. Lower Your Utility Bill.

If you were to look at your household’s energy usage over the course of a year, you would likely see a small spike over the summer when you’re running your air conditioning—but there’s usually an even larger spike in the winter. While a Fall furnace tune-up can help reduce your risk of an emergency, it can also help your furnace run more efficiently. Since winter is when your furnace is using the most energy, we recommend furnace tune-ups in the fall so your furnace is running at its most efficient when you’re using it the most.  

3. Keep Your Furnace Running More Efficiently for Longer.

A new furnace is a large investment—so regular preventative maintenance to keep your current furnace running will save you money in the long run. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency and your furnace fails, forcing you to buy a new one and have it installed at a higher emergency rate. If you schedule regular furnace tune-ups, you don’t have to guess when it’s time for a new furnace and you can schedule installation when it’s convenient for you.  

4. Keep Your Family Safe.

Your furnace keeps your family warm and cozy all winter long—but it can also be dangerous if it’s not regularly inspected and cleaned. Furnaces can leak carbon monoxide into your home if the vent isn’t working properly. Your furnace creates heat using gas and flame, which is great for keeping you warm, but can also be dangerous if they are not controlled. If your furnace hasn’t been inspected and cleaned in a while, there’s a possibility that your furnace isn’t just pumping warm air into your home, it also may be circulating dust and dander that can trigger allergies or make any small respiratory issue even more pronounced.   

When Was the Last Time You Had a Professional Furnace Tune-Up?

Your furnace may be running just fine, but a Fall furnace tune-up can help keep it that way while saving you money on your energy bill, and providing peace of mind all winter long. If you have questions about your furnace or are ready to schedule a Fall tune-up, give us a call at (319) 377-2809 or contact us online.

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