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7 Signs You Need a Dehumidifier

Written by deNovo / July 25, 2017

Excess humidity in your home can lead to a number of issues, including mold, mildew, allergens, and more. To combat excess humidity you can invest in a dehumidifier. But how do you know when your home is too humid? Here are 7 signs you need a dehumidifier.

You probably need a dehumidifier if:

Poor Ventilation: You have high humidity rooms, such as bathrooms or kitchens, with little-to-no ventilation

A Musty Smell: Your home, or even just a room in your home, has a consistent musty or “wet” smell

Condensation: You experience frequent condensation on your windows

Water Stains: There are water stains on your walls or ceilings

Mold: There are small black or brown dots growing on the walls or ceiling of a high humidity room

Rotting wood: You find frequent spots where the wood in your house is rotting or weak

Worsening Allergies: Humidity-related allergies such as mold or dust worsen in your home

Choosing the right Dehumidifier

There are two types of dehumidifiers – whole house and stand alone. Whole house dehumidifier integrate directly with your HVAC system. These dehumidifiers are designed to tackle humidity throughout the entire house and must be installed by a professional.

Stand alone dehumidifiers are small and portable. They are designed to address humidity in smaller areas, such as a single room or area (like a basement). You do not need to have a professional install your stand alone dehumidifier, however they do require a bit more maintenance. If you have a specific room or spot in your house that is excessively humid, a stand alone dehumidifier is probably the better choice for you.

If your suffering from excess humidity in your home contact the HVAC experts at Hanna Pluming & Heating!

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